Rough Numbers

For the last few days I have had the deep joy and fascination of creating and launching a baby survey, and watching it grow by leaps and bounds. I’ve been considering a survey of erotic hypnotists for quite some time, but for some reason last week, I just up and did it. My research question was a variation on the classic sexological inquiry: “what do people do? And how do they feel about it?” I wanted to know what erotic hypnotists and their subjects do with hypnosis in their personal lives, and how happy they are with the results. And I wanted to know their key concerns and issues. Demographics too, just a few…

I started with ten questions, and an upper limit of 100 responses (due to the fact that I was using the free plan on Survey Monkey). However, due to the rapid and enthusiastic response from people on some erotic hypnosis groups,  circumstances quickly warranted an upgrade so that I could collect more than 100 responses. As of this morning, Jan. 6, I have 219 completed surveys – and have had to delete at least three times that number of incomplete offerings created by people who look, but don’t answer. (This last has been somewhat tedious.)

On Jan. 4th, in honor of World Hypnotism Day, I held a free webinar at Creative Sexuality, to talk about “Five Ways Hypnosis Helps Couples” but ended up focusing less on techniques and more on what was coming out of the survey. I used a lot of the comments given by survey respondents. A recording of this presentation should be posted soon, both on the above link, but also on Creative Sexuality’s YouTube channel.

On Jan. 11th, I plan to hold another free webinar at CS to share the rough numbers and some key highlights with the erotic hypnosis community. I’ll post a link to that when it’s up – but I figured that would be a fun way to present some of the data, and as it will also be recorded, more than just the webinar attendees will get to watch.

I’m not ready to write anything else about the data yet, but it’s so juicy, so wonderful, so fruitful, and above all, so much fun!