Electrical Bananas

Generating routine sex tips for fairly common forms of heterosexual behavior is the kind of gig I never get – which is odd, considering I’m a sexologist and therefore open to all kinds of press queries on all things sexual. I’ve mostly been approached by writers looking for information about topics like Objectum Sexuality, and my last National Geographic Taboo gig had me in front of a green screen commenting on human puppy training. (They shot some foot fetish comments too, but I haven’t seen them and don’t know if they were used.) However, a few weeks ago I was approached by a writer from Redbook looking for some tips on blow jobs.  I was actually rather pleased to get a request for something so simple and uncomplicated.

The problem is that there are so very, very many articles that recycle the same old sex tips. I tried to include some new ideas, but they didn’t make it into the article.

The stock photos of phallic fruits and vegetables were also somewhat predictable. However, they remind me of the penile gastronomy encyclopedia entry I wrote for the Cultural Encyclopedia of the Penis, soon to be published by AltaMira Press, edited by Kimmel, M., Milrod., C. & Kennedy, A. (I also wrote entries for penis slang and invective and hypnotizing the penis.) I’ll be overjoyed when that book makes it into print!

Still, I’m always happy for a chance to comment on just about anything pertaining to sex! Especially if someone somewhere will have a better time as a result.