So happy this interview has just been published on line. I had a great time talking with Dr. Moali! Give a listen!

Erotic Hypnosis with Dr. Amy Marsh

Dr. Moali has interviewed dozens of super-interesting people. Please check out her list of topics and guests!

And here are more media links about my work with erotic hypnosis as a sexual and romantic enrichment technique.

Jeremy Glass describes his experience in Thrillist (and no, his brain wasn’t really “fried.”) This was in 2014, so one hopes he is now sufficiently recovered.

The intrepid Krissy Eliot describes her experience as “The Big Bang” in the Bay Area Reporter (2015). Really, I’m flattered!

Another podcast interview with Dr. Martha Tara Lee in Singapore (2015).

My friend, the late Dr. David Pittle, interviewed me a few years ago on his podcast series, Joyful Authentic Living. Scroll down for the session with me. We touch on erotic hypnosis. He interviewed many other excellent people as well. I really miss David. Until last week, I had no idea he’d passed in December 2017.

One of my old BlogTalkRadio episodes for Love’s Outer Limits, giving information about my survey of erotic hypnotists.

And here are the links to my two Carnal Nation columns on this topic (below), written in 2010.

Part One.

Part Two.