Today I woke up to a nice bit of publicity. It was an article in Bustle regarding Erotic Hypnosis.

Screenshot of first paragraph in the Bustle article.

This coverage has inspired me to once again consider scheduling an online introductory class in Erotic Hypnosis, but this time with a focus that is geared a bit more to the (so-called) “vanilla” uses: promoting emotional intimacy, sensuality, de-stressing before sex, relaxing inhibitions, and sexual enrichment for people with physical difficulties due to sickness, aging, or disabilities (just to name a few).

Certainly erotic hypnosis has its place in BDSM/Kink, and there are ardent communities–and conventions–devoted to hypnosis for mind control and domination, hypno-orgasms, sensation play, power exchanges, and more. But I also believe the non-kinky can also enjoy erotic hypnosis, which is really just the recreational use of hypnosis methods for romantic and erotic pleasure.

If you’re curious about erotic hypnosis, for whatever purpose, know that there’s a lot of hype, and quite a few irresponsible YouTube videos, devoted to the topic. I’ve actually had a couple of clients who sustained damage after watching something which contained suggestions that disrupted their sex lives, such as suggestions for ruined orgasms or chastity training, when that wasn’t what they wanted. There may also be financial pressure suggestions (financial domination) slipped into the videos, but without disclosure. Therefore I am sorry to say, “viewer beware.” As a sexologist, this irks me, as I believe sexual curiosity about consensual, adult matters should be relatively safe. So do look for disclosures about subject matter and suggestions as well as access to “hypno cleanses” before viewing a random video or listening to a random recording.

You might also want to read this handout of mine about Hypnotic Safety and Trust from my “Hot & Hypnotic” workshops for couples and multiples.

In my professional training program, Hypnosis for Sex Problems (150 hours), my students learn how to integrate erotic hypnosis teaching into sex therapy and sexuality counseling, as a form of sexual enrichment (like Western Neo-tantra, BDSM, shopping for sex toys, etc.) that partners can enjoy together. You might enjoy this peek into my theories and methods, geared toward therapists, counselors, sex educators, and professional hypnotists.

Let me know if you’re interested in private classes or group workshops for erotic hypnosis. It’s one of my favorite things to teach and share! Email me at or check the workshop page for an online class, coming soon.