It’s been a few months, but now the UnSlut Project panel discussion on slut shaming – hosted by Creative Sexuality Education Corp. – is out and online! The panel features Emily Lindin, of the UnSlut Project as moderator; Dr. Ted McIlvenna, president of the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality (IASHS) in San Francisco; Dr. Carol Queen of the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco;  Leora Tanenbaum, author of Slut – Growing Up Female with a Bad Reputation; Natalie Mills, MFT; and yours truly opening the program. This was a pretty heavy duty SF Bay Area line-up of speakers! Here’s the video. There is a wide array of very interesting perspectives, but we’re all agreed, slut shaming is incredibly damaging and wrong.

Personally, Joan Jett’s Bad Reputation has been my theme song for time that’s longer than I care to remember. But then, that’s my punk roots showing… Now that I think about it, what a grand thing it is to be a punk sexologist!