More LOLIt’s true! I’ve teamed up with sex and erotica writer, M.Christian, for a new 2020 season of Love’s Outer Limits on BlogTalkRadio and I couldn’t be more delighted. Yes, I’ve exhumed this podcast once again, but this time I have a wicked-smart co-host to keep me motivated! We just did our first podcast Feb. 15th and interviewed each other, by way of introducing ourselves and the new season to listeners.

We’ll be broadcasting every Saturday morning from 11 AM-Noon. We’ve got a wellspring of fun, provocative topics in the works. You can listen to us live every Saturday, or via links to the archived show.

Episode One, Feb. 15. “21st Century Sex.”

Episode Two, Feb. 22. “Sex Robots and Other Tech Tickles.”

Episode Three, Feb. 29. “For the Love of Objects.”

Episode Four, Mar. 7. “BDSM Emotional and Physical Safety.”

Episode Five, Mar. 14. “Erotic Hypnosis and Hypnosis for Sexual Problems.”

Episode Six, Mar. 21. “Sex and Aging.” 

Episode Seven, Mar. 28. “The Kinks Less Traveled.”

Episode Eight, Apr. 4. “Sex and Magic.”

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Until May 31st, we’re also signal boosting Disasterina’s  AIDS/LifeCycle Fundraising page. Disasterina is a star of Dragula, Season 2 (on Netflix). Sponsor her as she rides from San Francisco to Los Angeles–545 miles in drag!–from May 31 to June 6, 2020! Help sponsor this epic undertaking! All donations go to AIDS/LifeCycle to support testing and treatment through the San Francisco AIDS Foundation and the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Co-Host Information: & Twitter: @M.Christianzobop


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